We are PASSIONATE about User Experience.


We believe in creating engaging, transparent user interfaces.

Our philosophy is to create an experience so seamless and effortless that users don’t notice the usability.  They notice the features and content.

User experiences should be:  Easy.  Efficient.  Enjoyable.  

Our Services:

  • User Research
  • Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Expert Reviews
  • Wireframes
  • Navigation Strategy
  • Interaction Specs
  • Usability Testing


Users are at the core of what we do.  We involve users throughout the design, development and testing to create intuitive interfaces.

Responsive Design

We help agencies ‘retrofit’ their existing website into a responsive solution or help develop an entirely new responsive design.

Mobile Apps

Not only can we help you design a mobile app, we can also help you to test the usability of the app with users.


Working with users to develop usable, intuitive products which are satisfying and enjoyable to use.



Using performance data to measure progress and show measurable improvements.



Practicing research-based usability by relying on the latest research studies in the field.


Who we are

Focus on U! Users, Usability & You

Focus on U! is a user experience and design firm, specializing in the design of digital experiences, including mobile, websites and software applications.  Our firm specializes in analyzing, designing and testing systems in order to create products that are measurably easier to use, learn and understand.


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