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What We Do

Responsive Design

User experiences should be transparent.  We design information and interactions so that users can access your content whenever and whereever they want.

We aim to design emotional, social, & intuitive user experiences for any and all types of devices.

Our Process



No matter what type of application we are designing, it’s critical to understand users’ needs and their context use in order to develop a solution that will ultimately meet users’ needs and help your organization achieve your goals.

Not only do we design usable products, we also develop usable deliverables.

Annoyed by devlierables that are too general, too high-level, or too unrealistic?  Well, so are we!  

We design deliverables you can actually use and implement!

User Research
We strongly believe in working hand-in-hand with users to develop web-based and mobile products that are intuitive and meet the needs of users. 
User and Task Analysis
It is important that our clients thoroughly understand the needs of their users, as well as users’ current activities and satisfaction on their websites.   We conduct user research to determine how and why users are coming to your website.
Focus Groups
Focus Groups help our clients gain insight on current or new website and mobile designs in order to ensure that customer feedback is integrated into future website and mobile designs.  Focus Groups help discover difficulties involved in using mockups / wireframes and to make research-based recommendations for improvement.
Usability Testing
Usability testing helps identify usability issues, which will ensure that the design and development of your website and mobile website are continually focused on research-based, performance-driven improvements.
Content Audit & Inventory
At Focus on UX! we help our clients ensure that their content is relevant and up-to-date while working to create cohesion with existing content.
Information Architecture & Navigation
We work with our clients to develop an information architecture which allows users to quickly and efficiently find information on their website or from their mobile device.  
We work with our client’s technical team to ensure wireframes are within the scope and scale of any technology applications their site is based upon.
Interaction Specification
We believe it is important is to specify the rules behind complex webpages.  The way a page is laid out and what data elements belong where, is very important.
Expert Review
Our goal is to help make user experiences so transparent that users focus on the quality of your information and not on the experience of searching for information.
We strongly believe in finding representative users and take great care to recruit a diverse population of participants for all your testing needs.
Mobile Apps, Responsive Design
We believe your users should have the best user experience no matter how they access your site.  In addition to website usability testing, we now perform usability tests on mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones.  
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